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Christian Outreach And Social Action

  • The outreach and mission arm of the church

  • Primary Mission - to help others through donations of money, food, clothing, and personal effort.

  • COSA is a committee of church members that meet on a monthly basis. This group ensures that the Church and its family of members offer their assistance in a timely and coordinated effort to those in need by scheduling sponsorship activities, connecting members with organizations, receiving member donations and sending them to organizations, as well as raising money through various fundraising activities.

Organizations that COSA sponsors or is actively involve with:

- CROP Walk For Hunger - Sponsor event for region (18 years now)

- Covenant to Care - actively support our "adopted" social worker and other support to neglected children. We have just signed our Covenant with the organization.

- CWS Layettes and Service kits - Layettes are "sewn up" and assembled. Health and school kits assembled.

- CWS Blankets And Tools Of Hope - money raised through sales of greeting cards

- East Hampton Food and Fuel Bank - Special food drives during year, baking of bread projects, monthly food collections at the church go to the food bank.

  • Organizations that COSA sponsors by donations:
    - Cromwell Children's Home
    - Eddy Shelter
    - Family assistance
    - Long Lane School
    - Habitat for Humanity - Donation, plus 2 members worked.
    - St. Vincent DePaul Place
    - New Horizons Woman's Shelter
    - Mercy Housing

  • COSA has also contributed to the life of the church by conducting services, participating in the Church Fair (with a SERRV Handcraft Booth). We are a major committee and have a spot on the Church Council.



59 Main St., East Hampton, CT 06424
(860) 267-4959