COVID-19 Updated Information

COVID-19 Update

A message from Rev. Jim and Gerry

To Members of the Congregational Church of East Hampton:

We are continuing to monitor events around the COVID-19 crisis and want to keep you updated on the latest plans for our church. Based on the latest executive orders from the state of Connecticut as well as guidance from the SNE Conference of the UCC, church leadership and the Church Council have made the tough decision to continue the closure of the church building through June 22, 2020. All ministries and programs that take place in our building or require us to gather in person including Sunday worship are canceled during this period.

As our state and country make tenuous moves towards reopening certain business and workplaces, our church is taking a common-sense approach to resuming in-person worship services. The constantly changing circumstances of the coronavirus – with evolving guidelines on wearing masks, physical distancing, and reopening businesses — means the church must be flexible based on what the data shows. As people of faith, our commitment to the health and well-being of our communities takes precedence.

We are drafting our own guidelines for how the church will operate once we resume in-person worship, re-open the church office, and restart the church school. These guidelines will be shared with everyone before the resumption of services. These guidelines include asking that you wear a face covering or mask when not sitting in a pew or seat, maintaining the recommended six feet physical distancing recommendations with others who are not in your household, and being thoughtful of others in greeting activities (i.e. handshakes, hugs, etc.).

During this unprecedented health crises, our strong desire is to continue to be the church for one another and our community. To that end, we will continue with the weekly on-line services. They have been very well attended and provide us a unique and valuable fellowship. Watch your inboxes and mailboxes for Reverend Jim’s weekly newsletter, as well other communications from the church.

We would like to encourage you during these uncertain times to not succumb to the spirit of fear or impatience. While these are difficult times, as children of God, we know that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” Our pledge is to keep you informed as more information becomes available. Please keep our church, our community, and our nation in your prayers as we face these challenging times together.

Jerry Gerkey, Moderator (
Jim Latimer, Minister ( 610-568-2480

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