East Hampton Yarners

The East Hampton Yarners meet the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of each month in the church Fellowship Hall. Occasionally we meet at someone’s home, Sears Park, or at a town location (bakery for instance). We publish our information in the Rivereast News Bulletin.

Those who come to our gatherings bring their own knitting and crocheting projects. We learn from each other. People of all skill levels are most welcome – we can teach yarning wannabes!

We also make items for hospices, cancer centers, warming and food centers, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, nursing homes, a maternity ward and neonatal hospital in Honduras and for friends. We make lap robes, blankets, hats, prayer shawls, comfort squares, stuffed animals, seat belt covers, all kinds of things. We can use anything that people make, and for these projects, we use yarn and supplies donated by many friends.

While we are busy producing, we also have a good time together. We lunch together on the 5th Thursday of a month, and we go an a field trip each Spring.

For more information, contact:

  • Judy Hoffhine
  • 860-365-0327
  • jhoffhine@gmail.com

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