Tips for participating in Zoom sessions

  • When joining the Zoom session, you will see a message that you are in a waiting room
    • Do not close the window
    • Wait and the host will let you in
  • Have your real name showing
    • Your name can be changed in your account settings
    • You can type in your name before entering the meeting
    • You can update your name once you are in the meeting
  • Keep your microphone on mute unless directly speaking
  • Use the “raise hand” function if you would like to share and cannot unmute
    • The host will be able to unmute you
    • You can “raise” and “lower” your hand anytime
    • You can also send a chat message if you prefer

Wondering how to perform any of these actions?

View menu items using a computer

View menu items using a phone/iPad app

Menu items when dialing into service on a telephone:

The following commands can be entered using your phone’s dial pad while listening to a Zoom meeting on your telephone:
*6 – Toggle mute/unmute
*9 – Raise hand

Our response to any future disruption

While we hope the increased security measures will prevent future disruptions, these incidences have unfortunately become a common occurrence to Zoom meetings all over the world. In order for our services and meetings to remain available to all, we will not be making our Zoom sessions private (invitation only). Rather, we will take measures to identify, remove, and report the disruptive account/individual(s).

If a disruption should occur, please note the following steps which will be taken in order for us to resume the session as soon as possible:

  1. All participants will be muted (and unable to unmute themselves)
  2. All participants will be placed back in the waiting room
    • You will see the waiting room screen again
    • Please wait patiently and do not exit the screen or leave the meeting
  3. All participants will be let back into the session one at a time
    • The disruptive account/individual(s) will not be permitted back into the session

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