Important Invitation: “Who is our neighbor?”

Transition team news

A message from Martin, Alan, Alka, Anita, David, and Rev. Jim

Our Interim Transition Steering Team (TST) needs your input to the question, Who is Our Neighbor? (What are their characteristics, needs, yearnings, joys, struggles?)

When: Sunday, June 7, after worship (via Zoom) (about 30 minutes)

Why your participation is important –
These are challenging times for communities of faith. And not just due to COVID-19. Many churches have been struggling with their vitality for a number of years – worship attendance, financial viabililty, youth participation and volunteer engagement. The future vitality of CCEH depends upon the congregation as a whole understanding what it takes to be a thriving church of Jesus Christ in these times. Put differently, getting the “right” new minister is only part of the answer. Everyone’s input is needed and valued.

The TST has spent several weeks focused on the key question: “Who is our neighbor?”
Now we’re ready to share some of our thoughts with you and get your input.

The purpose of the TST is to help the congregation develop answers to these three primary questions of the interim period:
1. Who is our neighbor? (characteristics, needs, yearnings, joys, interests, struggles…)
2. Who are we? (characteristics, needs, yearnings, strengths, passions, interests, resources…)
3. How (in what particular way or ways) is God calling us to serve our neighbor? To what end? With what?

Thank you in advance for your participation,

The Transition Steering Team (TST): Martin Bartel, Alan Hurst, Alka Arcari, Anita Guerin, David Gates, Rev. Jim

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