In 2021, CCEH leadership made a concerted effort to look anew at the degree and purpose of our relationship with and financial support to the Conference. The substantial support and guidance CCEH received from the Conference (SNEUCC) during its recent pastoral search was a major impetus for this renewed interest.

In addition, the Conference (Southern New England Conference UCC, or SNEUCC) also initiated the Proportional Giving program, which supplants OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission), and Conference per capital dues as the major avenue for local churches in the Conference to financially support the ministries of the Conference and the wider UCC.

Another change is that the Conference will no longer invoice local congregations. That is, local church financial support of the Conference is both voluntary (as it always was) and now also to be given at intervals to be decided by the congregation.

Accordingly, CCEH (and every other UCC congregation in the Conference) will have this “How much should we give to support the ministries of the Conference?” conversation every year.

To this end, this library of documents from the 2021 conversation about this question is intended as a repository to support future conversations – to keep some key documents in an easy-to-access place. Naturally, the content of this collection can change as the congregation chooses.


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