Second Hour Session

Second Hour Think Talk Learn

You are Invited to Participate in a Second Hour Session

Acts 17: 26 And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth.

There is a Second Hour session planned for August 23, 2020 to be held via Zoom after the Sunday worship has ended. This plan is supported by the Deacons. There will be a 10 minute break between the worship and this meeting. This meeting will stop after one hour.

This Second Hour session is intended to be an opportunity for each of us to share our own experiences with any kind of discrimination and equally important, to listen to others share theirs. It is intended to be a learning experience for us all.

We must all agree at the outset that since we are sharing our experiences and opinions, then we be must be open to listening respectfully to others as they share theirs.
We have all followed different paths and so have different stories to tell.

This is inspired by recent events that we have all heard about but is not intended to be a discussion about that specifically. Rather, this will lay a foundation for future talks – because we do need to talk and learn more.

So, come to listen, or come to talk, or come to do both. Hopefully, we will all learn from this.


Kim Clouser
Cindy Pasternak
Karen Gallmon
Jackie Hooper-Hage
Bob Jones
Jed Dolde
Anita Guerin
Rev Jim Latimer

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