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A message from Rev. Jim

Dear Members and Friends of CCEH,

Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

We proclaimed these words in our worship a few days ago on Easter Sunday. And what a glorious worship it was! I loved seeing so many new faces join our Zoom gathering!

The glory of Easter reminds me that for all the joy and fanfare of Easter, for all the complexity and mystery of our religious life together, and for the mountain of words that are often used to try to explain it, that Christianity itself has a six-word autobiography: “Jesus is risen from the dead.”

These are the words the breathless women carried from the empty tomb back to the other disciples. These are words that have been passed from person to person and from community to community every day since then in secret, in triumph, in darkness, and in celebration.

These are words whispered at bedsides, shouted from rooftops and shared at dinner tables and workplaces. These are words that have been forbidden by governments both ancient and modern, yet somehow they have still been spoken, still shared. These are the words that have spoken the reality of many Jesus-followers through the ages.

There is power in articulating one’s current reality – that life-giving connection with one’s Creator is often triggered by speaking one’s current reality to oneself. Put differently, it brings us into touch with that more true, real and authentic reality our souls tell us exists beyond the superficial of everyday life – the competition, materialism, schedules, viruses, check-lists, and the like.

At the end of my message we invited participants to try writing their own six-word autobiographies which articulate a present reality for them and to post them into the Chat box. They poured forth. I list them below. (Some people posted two!)

• New life in staying home. Grateful. (Maggie Hallowell)
• Ride to live, live to ride. (Kim)
• What do you want for yourself? (Stevin)
• Life is too short–enjoy everyday. (Teri Schlosser & Jeanette Knotek)
• Strength, Courage, grace for these days! (Mary DeCoursey)
• Live each day to its fullest. (Stevin)
• I live. I love. I volunteer! (Alan Hurst)
• I don’t know what I’m doing. (Dave Farrell)
• Be inspired by those around you. (Cynthia Abraham)
• Sure and unsure, grateful for life. (Jen Jasenski)
• The beauty of life thanks lord. (Jerry & Billie Gerkey)
• Moving transcontinentally during a global pandemic. (Caleb Gates)
• I love my family and friends. (Val)
• Love! So much love. Gratitude abounds! (Maggie Hallowell)
• Love abounds… find it.. share it! (Susan)
• Find the joy in each day. (Cyndi Shirshac)
• Spring IS here, hope and joy. (Pete and Rae)
• Be grateful and thankful that we are healthy. (Nancy Dolde)
• I think I can. I will. (Jennifer Squires)
• I am a work in progress. (TQuackenbush)
• Living one day at a time. (Crystal Rose)
• Simultaneously closer and further than ever. (Drew)
• Family, friends, business, prioritize take action. (Ross Gates)
• He will show us the way. (Selger family)
• Blessed to have lifelong friends (Churchies!!!) (Hollin Abraham)
• I awake each day to God. (Bob Jones)
• Worn down, Mentally Exhausted, Praying for better times. (Debbie McLellan)
• Be strong and of good courage. (Judy Hoffhine)
• Pandemic blessings of unity amidst tragedy. (Jennifer Squires)
• Thanks for a lovely Easter celebration! (Vickie Kracke)
• Jesus is risen; why not me? (Rev. Jim)

What are your “6 Words?”

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Your grateful pastor,
Rev. Jim
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