We invite you and your family to join us in our vibrant and engaging children’s programs which offer a variety of ways for your child to learn about God and grow in the Christian Faith.

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Sunday School

Children are excused from worship following the “Children’s Message” to head to their classrooms, while parents stay to enjoy the remaining Worship Service and Message. The classroom setting combines Bible Lessons and interactive activities for ages 3yrs to 8th grade.

Children’s Choir and Pageant

Children help lead in worship at select times throughout the year; Family Sunday, the Annual Christmas Pageant, and Youth Sunday. From writing their own skits to reading scripture to singing and leading worship songs, our youth learn more about the mechanics of the church service and develop public speaking skills which encourage them to become leaders in our community.

Youth group

Open to grades 6 through 12; we meet monthly, engaging in worship and team building activities, and striving to be a positive force of love and kindness in our community.

Teen Pizza Lunch

Held monthly and open to all teens; this lunch is held by our Pastor and Director of Parish Life. It’s a way for leaders in our church to get to know our teens, providing a place to share their joys and concerns.


During the summer months, our children are encouraged to attend worship services and be an active part of service by reading scripture, sharing their talent of singing or playing a musical instrument. Children learn that they have a voice and are valued leaders in the church, even at their young age.

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