Victor Acevedo, Music Director

Victor has 20 years experience as a church pianist -playing for multiple churches. He began playing for his home church – the Apocalipsis 14 Spanish Seventh-Day Adventist Church – at the age of 8. As he grew up, he continued contributing to the worship ministry in every church community he has been a part of since. Victor also served as Director of Music for the Children’s Village Chapel Program – a residential treatment facility for at-risk youth – for 10 years. Classically trained at the Febbraio School of Music in Mount Vernon, Victor has a passion for music ministry and enjoys enhancing the worship service with a variety of sacred genres.

Victor has a heart for service. In his full-time work, he is a social worker and has spent the last 15 years of his life working with vulnerable children and families in New York and the Hartford community. He holds his Bachelor of Science from Mercy College in New York, and his Master of Social Work from Walden University.

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